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Welcome to North Georgia Nephrology Consultants

Specializing in Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Dialysis & Kidney Stone Management

Providing Quality Care Since 2002


Kidney failure is an extremely common disease. In the United States alone, an estimated 26 million people have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and millions more are at risk. 70-80% of these patients have high blood pressure and diabetes as the primary cause of kidney disease. Early detection of kidney problems and focused care provided by a kidney specialist can help prevent worsening of CKD.

Our goals are:

  • Early detection of kidney disease
  • Slowing/preventing its progression, to avoid dialysis, if at all possible. When appropriate, we refer our patients for kidney transplants and manage their pre and post-transplant care.

When dialysis cannot be avoided, patients can pick among different home and in-center dialysis modalities that are offered. We work together with different dialysis units in Athens, Monroe, Royston and Loganville and will be happy to refer patients to a center that is most convenient to them.

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Meet the Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Abid Bashir
Dr. Abid BashirMD
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Dr. C. Kashyap
Dr. C. KashyapMD
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Brooke Wethington
Brooke WethingtonPhysician Assistant
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At NGNC, our goals are early detection of Kidney Disease and preventing/slowing its progression to avoid dialysis, if at all possible.

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